Ways to Boost Your Social Media Marketing in Under an Hour

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Social media marketing today is of critical importance, but it can also be one of the most time-consuming things you commit to when you are looking to build your business and your brand on the web today.

Thankfully though, using the tips and tricks we include below, you’re going to be able to dramatically improve your social media marketing in less than 60 minutes – skyrocketing your results and improving your return on investment almost instantly.

Let’s dive right in!

Improve your biography copy

Your bio is going to be the very first thing that prospects see when they connect with your social media profile, and it needs to be interesting, engaging, and crafted from a copywriter’s perspective. This is the place to be cute or witty, but instead the place to get your point across with a miniature “elevator speech” that captures attention and interest – at least enough to push potential prospects deeper and deeper into your social media messages.

Maximize your social media images

It is really (REALLY) easy to simply copy and paste the same image across all of your social media profiles, but you have to realize that different social media platforms are going to require different sized images for your profile and your header. This is something that you can get wrong or you’ll end up with a less than professional looking image that will kill all of the credibility you have worked so hard to build up.

Double check that ALL of your links are current and active

In a world where websites are constantly going under redesign and redevelopment on an almost around-the-clock basis you need to be sure that all of your links are current, all of your links are active, in that all of your links are accurate.

Oftentimes you only get one shot at turning a complete and total stranger into a potential prospect and you need to make sure that the links you are providing them are going to connect with them, resonate with them, and pull them deeper and deeper into your social media and marketing funnels.

Start to use rich content

The web has become a place filled with audio and video clips, and social media makes it so much easier to share this incredibly rich content with millions of people all over the world. Sure, you’re still going to want to get your messaging across with traditional text and images, but if you find audio and video to work better or more effective for a specific approach don’t be shy about making the most of everything that rich content has to offer.

Pay close attention to your analytics

The only things that ever get improved in life are the things that get measured on a regular basis.

Set up social media marketing metrics and analytics to pay close attention to the encounters that you’re having on social media today. You want to be sure that you are testing and improving anything that can be tested and improved to get the kinds of results that you are expecting in the first place.

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