Things You Can Do to Improve Your Online Shop If Your Conversion Is Bad

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Regardless of your monetization approach, after a time, almost every website opens a shop section of some sorts. Still, even though ecommerce is running big at the moment, very few websites manage to set it up so that it has good conversion rates.

The factors that can impact the conversion of a web shop are numerous and require a lot of little tweaks and modifications to get it right. We are going to discuss the things that can impact the improvement of your conversion rate and help you make more money off of your shop.

Product photography

The problem with selling things online is that people can’t interact with the items they intend to buy before they actually buy them. This is why it is essential that you have top-notch product photography which really shows off the products from all relevant angles. Still, be careful when optimizing your photographs. High quality photos can really impact the speed of your website which is something that can kill your conversion completely.

Sales and special offers section

As many as 47% of online shoppers say that they would shop only if they ran into a discount. Even more, as many as 62% of shoppers, immediately start looking for discounts and sales sections when they land on a website’s homepage. If you are after better conversions, you might want to consider lowering your income per product sale and increasing your overall conversion through sales.

Saved shopping cart

As shoppers become more experienced in the online environment, they tend to check if the product they intend to buy is cheaper somewhere else. The way they go about this is usually like this: they put the products in the shopping cart, see the prices and then go out and compare them. If they find that their shopping cart has expired, they will surely abandon the entire thing and move on.

Most people don’t have time to browse through your offer again in search for the items that should have stayed in their shopping carts. Ensure that you have a persistent shopping cart or that it can at least be saved.

Product videos

Depending on the type of product you are selling, you might need product videos. If you want to bring your product close to your customers, there is no better way to do it. Photos have their limits, and through videos, you almost get that salesmanship approach where you actually get the chance to talk up the item you are attempting to sell.

You can also show its resilience, manufacturing process and so on. The possibilities are only limited by your creativity but make sure that the videos are relevant to the customers and that they don’t waste their time.

Offer free shipping

In most situations, your customer will view shipping costs as extra money they need to pay to get their product, which can get them to abandon the entire thing. People who choose brick and mortar shops over online shops list shipping costs as the number one reason for their preference.

Payment options

When catering to a wide audience like you do with an online shop, you need to offer support for most major credit cards. You can lose a lot of people by excluding a credit card provider from your support. The best option for you is to check out credit card processing company ratings and get one for your shop. This way, you ensure data safety and cover all possible payment options.

Of course, some things should go without saying, but we are going to mention them anyway. Website speed is a big factor when it comes to eshops, since nobody has time to wait for each individual item to load up. Item descriptions need to be well-written and accurate and your design needs to be practical and easy to navigate through.

These things can help you improve your conversion and earn more money, but pristine customer support is what makes people come back. Ensure that the customers are always satisfied and you will have a constant inflow of new shoppers.

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