How to Remove Text or Date Stamps from Photos



Although conceptually it may seem nice to have a date stamp on a photo so that there is a visual record of when it was snapped – in practice the bright red text often is glaring and detracts from the photo itself. As such many people often end up looking for ways to remove the date stamps from their photos, or perhaps other captions or text on existing photos too.

Basically if you want to remove any text element from a photo, you need to be able to select it and then delete it. As you can probably imagine that can be fairly complicated, which is why it helps to use the features in Movavi Photo Editor to smooth the process along.

Due to its intuitive approach, it is easy to learn how to remove text from a picture using Movavi Photo Editor. In fact if you like you can start right here and right now – just launch the software and click on the ‘Browse for Images’ button to add the photo that you want to edit.

All the tools you need to remove a date stamp or text element can be found in the ‘Object Removal’ tab located at the top section of Movavi Photo Editor’s interface. When you click on it a panel will open on the right, and you can select the ‘Brush’ tool and use it to paint over the text that you want to remove. If you have any difficulty selecting the text, try the ‘Magic Wand’ and see if it is easier.

Once you’ve marked the text as precisely as possible, click ‘Start Erasing’ to remove it. Sometimes there may be imperfections that are left behind, in which case you could employ the ‘Stamp’ tool in Movavi Photo Editor to copy a similar part of the photo from elsewhere and paste it over the affected area.

Make no mistake there are countless other improvements that you could make to your photo with the features in Movavi Photo Editor. In fact before you save it, why not try enhancing its quality, applying artistic filters, adding new captions, or even replacing the background completely.

Frankly the list of ways in which you could potentially improve your photo with Movavi Photo Editor is pretty extensive. Each of its features are just as easy to use as it was to remove text or date stamps, so you should have no trouble experimenting and figuring out how they work on your own.

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