A look in the counterfeit technical gadgets market of China


This post is not made in China. Instead, this post is made by a person who lives in Dubai and works for the logo design company in Dubai. In this article, I am going all of you on a ride of some of the world’s biggest counterfeit markets which are situated in the China and will tell you about those counterfeit products which are made in China.

We all know about the China and its reputation in the tech gadgets industry. That is why, now I am going to tell you about the replicas of some of the biggest world’s brands which are available in China and even get imported to different parts of the world like South Asia Middle East, Africa and other third world countries.

China has iPhone 7:

We all are living in 2017 and China is living in 2018. That’s right because, in the counterfeit market of the China, you may not find the iPhone 7 but accessories for it. The China is producing the iPhone 7 accessories like Bluetooth, wireless hands-free, charger and the low-quality touch sensors which are compatible with other iPhones but do not give the same feel as the original ones.

The Android PS Vita:

Remember in 2012 when Sony launched PS Vita. It was a smartphone in shape just like the game boy and other gadgets. The China still have it, and it has been on the list of top selling mobile phones. But the worst thing is, Sony is not getting anything from these sales. All of these mobile phones are counterfeit, and no one knows who is manufacturing it because people love is, and it is another brand which is still gets imported too.

The Chinese iPad:

It looks like a tussle between the China and the Apple. First, they released the iPhone 7 a bit earlier from the Apple itself, and now they have an iPad which spells like “iPed”. Yes, the china has a tablet with the name iPed. This is not it, the packaging in which China sells the iPed has the logo of the android on it which means that the iPed in the China has Android. This could be a dream for at least people like me because I am one of those guys who always wish for a phone which have the qualities of the iPhone and the functionality of the Android OS.

The Chinese Apple Store:

The Chinese have gone so far in counterfeiting the products that now they have the worlds first counterfeit Apple store filled with all the counterfeit Apple products. From the first iPhone to the Chinese version of iPhone 7, every product of the Apple is available in this store. The funny thing is that the employees of this fake Apple store are that much well trained and well paid that they even think of being the part of an original Apple store and never admit that it is a fake store and the Apple has nothing to do with it.

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