4 Job Search Misconceptions that could be Holding You Back

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Having high standards for your dream job is understandable and one must have the right approach to get one. Candidate must know what they want and what they are worth. Settling for anything that crosses their path is not the right attitude. However, what the problem is that job seekers set out for their hunt with unrealistic expectations or misconceptions and this often result in disappointment.

Here we list out 4 common misconception that people have that could be holding them back to get their dream job.

#Myth 1: There aren’t any jobs available right now

This is one of the most common misconception! The job market maybe tight, but the number of opportunities out there are so much more than what you think. The want ads, advertised jobs on career portals and job billboards that broadcast news like Jobs in Pune, represent merely a small fraction of the available opportunities.

Many recruiters are source candidates by internal company postings, word-of-mouth connections, social media sites (like LinkedIn) etc.

If you are wondering as to how to tap in such hidden opportunities…Well, the answer would be through building a good network with people from your industry. Maintain a good professional profile on your social-networking sites. Let your family, friends and connections know that you’re looking for a job.

#Myth 2: Job searching is an utter waste of time in some seasons

People think that the hiring procedures takes a halt at certain periods (during the Christmas holidays or the summer). Well you guys are highly mistaken. In fact, usually at these season people are seen leaving their jobs or changing their roles, so naturally there will be an opening to replace them. This is just one of the many reason as to why hiring process doesn’t shut down. So, don’t be deceived by these so-called slow periods, rather take advantage of them as there will be lesser competition.

#Myth 3: Increasing the no. of jobs I apply for, will eventually increase my chances of getting a job

This is so not true. As a result of this myth, what people generally do is apply generic resumes in all the job portals, rather than altering then to cater the job profile. It takes just a nanosecond for an HR to spot a generic resume. They prefer applications that are tailored to needs of their company and job openings.

So rather than sending multiple application send few yet powerful ones.

#Myth 4: If I haven’t heard back yet, I probably didn’t make it

You see, hiring is a serious business, and the time taken to finalize the candidates is much longer than you think. And it varies from one company to another. So, keep answering those calls in a friendly upbeat voice and don’t forget to check your messages and emails after applying for a job.

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