4 Excellent Article Marketing Tips


 If you’ve visited any online marketing forum, it’s likely you seen quite a few people using article marketing, as well as other forms of internet marketing to generate opt in signups for their lists, traffic to their sites, not to mention, generating revenue for themselves through signature ads, affiliate marketing or even selling their own products. And while it’s true putting together a cogent article is a very important part of beginning an effective article marketing campaign, if you’re like me, doing so doesn’t come easy. With that in mind, here’s 4 tips I use that can help you step up your article marketing campaign

Your title

Your title plays a very large role in how effective your article is. In fact, every successful article marketing campaign begins with a great title. It’s your title that grabs your readers and gives them a reason to want to read your article. You can have the most awesome content imaginable, but if your title is found lacking, its likely your article will not get read. If you want people to read what you have to say, your title must entice them and provide value.

Article Structure

You want to structure your article in such a fashion that it’s easy to read, because of the tendency of readers to scan information online, rather than actually reading your article. To make sure your articles are being read all the way through, you want to ensure the information you’re sharing with your reader is easy to find. The use of sub-headings, the breaking up of large paragraph into smaller, easier to digest paragraphs and bullet points (and in my case, blockquotes) are all tools you can use to create a structure to your article that your readers will read and appreciate.

Provide information that is informative, provides value and fills a need

Keep in mind, it’s you to provide your readers with valuable and informative information. The fact is, if you’re trying to create content for a article marketing campaign, you really need to give your readers something they need. The main reason for this is you’re building your reputation as an authority on your subject matter. If you’re simply regurgitating the same information everyone else is, you’re sure to seen as just another hack trying to make a buck. The idea here is you want to gain people’s trust and you cannot do that without providing information that provides value, is informative and fills a need your readers are searching for.


Lastly, concentrate on writing a both catchy and memorable summary. While your title is indeed the most important aspect of your article, you’ll want to be able to back that up with a summary that nails down the point you’re trying to get across. A well written summary lets your readers know precisely what kind of information your readers will find in your article and they will know whether or not they want to read it.

Using articles to market yourself, a product or service is an awesome way to promote and by following these tips can assist you in jump starting your ascent to internet marketing success.

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